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5 ways to stay on top of JavaScript Learning

Posted by: Claudia Butler 5 Apr 17  | Digital |  Technology

Technology is an ever-changing environment, with new JavaScript frameworks emerging frequently, so learning about new features is a must. According to the European Commission, the IT sector is creating around 120,000 new jobs every year to cater for the gaps that are continually appearing in such an evolving market.  

Tech developers need to make sure that they stay up-to-date with the latest Java languages in order to stand out among the crowd. JavaScript is currently the most sought after skill by employers, as said by The Inquirer.

Burke Holland, a Progress Developer Advocate, says that, in addition to JavaScript, the top skills in demand in 2017 are TypeScript and component-oriented front-end web app development. Holland also says that component-oriented JavaScript frameworks like React and AngularJS will be used for most new front-end development. This means that we’ve come leaps and bounds from previous software, like ActionScript, Flash and JQuery.

How can you ensure that you are staying up to date with the latest programming technology?

Get Qualified

Ensuring that you are certified in the latest languages demonstrates to employers and customers that you have experience and willingness to learn, which can have a positive effect on your career. When you are working in the technology sector your learning should never stop.  

In Chancellor Philip Hammond’s Spring Budget 2017, it was announced that there will be a change in technical education to prepare the younger generation for the changing job market. £500m will be invested in creating 15 new qualifications equal to A Levels.

Learning Groups

Attending group or individual classes can give you the opportunity to learn key skills as well as have the experience in trying them out. Not only this, but attending a group class can give you the opportunity to network with other developers who share similar interests to you, or may know even more about the latest trends.

Get out of your comfort zone

According to Sitepoint, if you are considering learning a second programming language you should look to learn one that is very different to the language you already know, as this will expose you to new paradigms, concepts, and styles of programming.

However, with so many programming languages to offer how do you know which one to choose? Codecondo revealed the top ten programming languages in demand for 2017 are: SQL, PHP, Java, Perl, Python, C#, JavaScript, Objective-C, C++ and Ruby.

MeetUp & Eventbrite

There are many tech events that happen all over the country which can give you the chance to network with potential clients or employers. If you’re already in work, then they are also a great opportunity to learn something new and some of them are even free to attend!


Forums can be another great way to keep in touch with the Tech community. They are a medium for having conversations, generating ideas and debating the latest in the technology sector. It is also a great way to get support from your peers if you are struggling to learn a new language. They say “many hands make light work” and forums are a place to bounce ideas off one another.

Within the IT sector there are constant opportunities to learn and progress your career as long as you are willing to keep up to date with the latest programming languages and software. The world of JavaScript is an exciting realm of new and interesting languages. Don’t wait to be told what language you should be learning next; be one step ahead and be open to learning the many tongues of JavaScript.


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