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How to use job boards to their full potential?

Whether you’re a job seeker or recruiter, job boards are the ultimate tool in the race to find jobs and place candidates.

They offer a global platform and easy access to a continually expanding pool of candidates and jobs. Although not free for the average recruiter, there are ways you can utilise their many functions to their full potential. For candidates, they give a huge expanse of roles that you can apply for at the click of a button.

As a Recruiter

-          Indeed is not just a job board but more like google for jobs. It pulls roles from other job boards and is therefore a free and massively underutilised job board available to all. It has a free CV search which most recruiters aren’t aware of, so take some time and see what you can find on Indeed.

-          With 87% of baby boomers, 82% Generation X and 77% Generation Y favouring job boards as their top resource, all generations are spending between five and twenty hours a week trawling sites for the best job. Make sure that your listing is the one that stands out and appeals to your desired target audience; it’s exceptionally easy for jobs to get lost on job boards!

-          Keep your postings up to date. Whilst “fantasy jobs” can be a popular choice for harpooning available talent, this can become ever more frustrating for potential candidates looking for a lucky break. Make sure that listings are present and visible throughout all areas of the market, not only for active candidates but for the attention of passive candidates as well.

-          Appeal to your niche market by using sector specific job boards in order to ensure that you are attracting the right candidates – for instance, CW Jobs is an IT specialist recruitment site, charming candidates for both contract and permanent roles across all aspects of the IT sector, boasting over 215,000 applications per month with over 450,000 visitors. 

As a Job Seeker

-          What some job seekers fail to do is focus their search. They dilute their application process by applying for anything and everything with one keyword in it such as ‘analyst’. As a result, those who receive your applications will notice you cropping up in multiple places and become reluctant to accept your application.

-          Don’t spend all day being a keyboard warrior, slumped over your laptop whilst endlessly applying for jobs! You’ll only get disheartened and end up applying for roles that are unsuitable and unsought after.

-          Search for social media tools and exploit them – SimplyHired, for instance, offer a networking goldmine. They allow candidates to connect their account to LinkedIn, displaying any first or second class connections they have with potential places of work. Candidates can then use this as a chance to affiliate themselves with these connections and scope out the role or industry. 

-          As previously mentioned, candidates should seek out specialist job boards for their particular market in order to ensure that they are applying for the best roles for them. These boards are swarming with specialist employers searching the niche talent pool for the perfect fit.

-          Read the company reviews! Whilst they may not always be good, it’s important to assess the business in terms of work environment as 89% of hiring failures are due to a poor cultural fit. 

-          Utilise recruiters! Whilst you might not be the right aspirant for a specific role, recruiters can assist you in your job hunt, helping you find a role that is seemly for you.

With an increasing number of job boards and a perpetually expanding talent pool, it’s vital that both recruiters and candidates alike not only use the job board front runners but those that are relevant to their markets.  This will ultimately allow recruiters to source the best talent for the job and allow candidates to search for a job that’s applicable to their skills and expertise, increasing the chances of a match made in heaven!


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