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What the Best Career Ladders Have in Common?

As a new generation of hires jump onto the career ladder and unemployment rates drop, we want to make sure we are getting a job that boasts career growing prospects.

What is probably the most interesting little fact to note, is how research shows that millennials are seeking career progression and development beyond their desire for big salaries. This means that in order to attract the next wave of recruits we need to be providing them with coaxing opportunities that can thwart any threat of a counter offer.

Similarly, if you’re looking for a role, you need to be aware of when you’re being made a decent offer or an empty promise is being made.

More than titles

You’ve got this amazing title, plenty of adjectives but none of the responsibility.

Sometimes we find ourselves being led astray when choosing a role and career path by the wording of the role; it’s got all the bells and whistles but when it comes down to actually assessing the role, you’re actually just fetching coffee and cleaning cupboards all day long.

Don’t let yourself be led astray by a title, of course titles are important, but responsibility and development is much more essential.

It’s attainable

Sometimes when you interview for a position, you are attracted by the boasting of opportunities and the many levels of seniority within the business, but what they fail to tell you is how attainable it is.

Little do you know, the job you’ve applied for, where they told you that you could one day make your way to a Director level, is actually a job where you need to wait several years or have to hit ridiculously unachievable targets before even seeing so much as a managerial promotion.

It’s not just the criteria you need to watch out for, but the training. If you join a company that doesn’t provide you with the right tools to educate yourself in your role in order to progress, then you’re pretty much stuck at a dead end. Opus offers an extensive 12 week training programme to new consultants that continues as weekly training sessions to ensure all employees are properly equipped with the right tools to not only succeed, but progress.

It’s responsibility that counts

Sometimes we can find ourselves feeling stuck; you’ve been working in the same start-up firm for a year and you work so hard and always have so much to do but never see any changes in your career development, well this is where you might be wrong.

For smaller companies it can be harder to ascertain a hierarchy when there aren’t that many people in the business, but if you’re being entrusted with large, company-changing projects, you may just find that the experience you’re building may one day pay off; either in the company you’re in, when that Senior Manager position finally becomes available, or when you decide to move on and realise you have a ton of experience under your belt.  

In Summary

You can look at multiple different careers available and the many different companies you could have a career with, they will all offer something unique and it’s likely that many of them will appeal to you. But don’t forget to do your research, ask around, double and triple check that the opportunity you’re being offered is just that, an opportunity and not just a bulky salary or fancy title.

By Content Manager - Astrid Hall


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