Complaints Advisor

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

£22000 - £23000 per annum

Milton Keynes 

Key Activities:
  • Undertake case file reviews on any escalated complaints, ensuring an unbiased approach to resolution is undertaken.
  • Act as a point of escalation for front-line complaint team members, providing insight and technical knowledge where appropriate to support the remediation of customer complaints
  • Act as a liaison point for the UK Ombudsman, ensuring all complaints are managed accurately using the Ombudsman’s online portal
  • Manage the UK Ombudsman process, ensuring case files are accurately pulled together with no exceptions noted by the Ombudsman, therefore avoiding any referral to the UK energy regulator for poor management of complaints
  • Receive inbound calls and written correspondence and manage accordingly including being able to make outbound calls and send written correspondence.
  • Continually support developing practices across the function that contribute to raising standards across the board including educating our front-line teams on the importance of getting things right first time, every time and adhering to regulations such as complaint management, customer vulnerability, etc.
  • Identify the root cause of complaints, supporting a reduction in new complaints about the same demand
Main Responsibilities:
  • Ensure that all complaints are handled in a timely and professional manner and in accordance with internal policy and external regulation
  • Provide support to the complaints teams across our partners, ensuring any advice is and recommendations are in line with process and up to date.
  • Always ensure a balanced approach to complaint resolution is undertaken, safeguarding the customer’s interests and those of the firm including being responsible for any gesture of goodwill payments
  • Provide reporting around complaints where required by management, identifying any trends where applicable
  • Work closely with all areas across the business (front office and back office) contributing to improved customer experience and a reduction in open complaints or a reduction in root cause/
  • Identify and feedback areas for improvement to relevant parties

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